Faith Baptist Church, Port Harcourt wishes to build an ultra-multipurpose Church Auditorium. The Technical Committee charged to oversee the design of this Project has prepared the following brief for an Architectural Design of the proposed Auditorium. This brief aims at creating a building that meets the in-depth requirements for undistracted worship. In the early stages of the design process, it is understood that this brief can undergo “firming up” as the requirements become clearer during the process leading to the starting point of the architect’s designs.

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In addition to the main worship hall, the building shall accommodate the underlisted departments and offices listed in the following schedule of accommodation:

1. Children Worship Hall
2. Teenagers’ Worship Hall
3. Offices for the Pastor and Nine Associate Pastors with adequate number of support Administrative and Accounting Staff Offices.
4. A Conference Room
5. A Visitor's room
6. A Choir room and Music store
7. Room for the storage of Children Worship Materials
8. Ushering Materials Room
9. A Baptistery.
10. A Library.
11. A Rostrum/Pulpit setting, the design of which will be firmed up by our Pastor.
12. A choir and music band seating position near the rostrum.
13. A seating position near the rostrum for worship leaders.
14. Galleries with full and convenient view of the main hall.
15. A central ICT Control Room with embedded Cabling wherever Wireless features are not installed.
16. Redundantly hung ICT Projector devices with central Screen viewable in all areas of the Auditorium and galleries.
17. Prayer room
18. Conviniences
19. Others as the brief “firms up”

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